48 Hour Challenge

What is it?

The 48 Hour Film challenge is a project is to encourage and challenge Deaf filmmakers in Ireland. This is an opportunity for a group of Deaf filmmakers to create a short film in a small limited of time.

Your imagination is the limit, this presents you the opportunity to encourage your creativity and teamwork in 48 hours. All you need is energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

In the 48 hour challenge, you will be doing the following:

Writing a script

It is important that you complete the film before the 48 hour deadline because each film will be screened at the opening night of IDFF 2014 at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield. If you are late, then your film will not be screened.

There is NO FEE for entering the Challenge but you will need a script, and of course, you need to be serious and passionate about the challenge.


19th, 20th and 21st September 2014
3pm Starting time.


Dublin. If you are from outside Dublin, please contact us and let us know that you are interested in the challenge. This is not exclusive to people living in Dublin but rather all of the Deaf community.


Shamrock Deaf Films will be providing the equipment for the challenge free of charge. The collection will take place at the Hub in Deaf Village Friday 19th at 3 pm.

What you need?

You will need to submit your interest in this challenge before September 1st. In that time you need to have:

An idea
A genre
Team (number is up to you)

The participants will meet up with the Shamrock Deaf Films committee 4th/5th September to present their submission/script. This also gives the opportunity for the participants to ask questions about the challenge, and the committee to ask the challengers questions about their film.


Then email us before the deadline which is September 1st 2014 to enter the challenge.