About Us



Shamrock Deaf Films’ mission for the Irish Deaf Film Festival is to promote and showcase films directed by Deaf and hard of hearing filmmakers and to foster film making as a medium for the historical preservation of Deaf culture.

The biennial festival showcase the work of talent Irish and international Deaf, Hard of hearing film makers collaborating with Deaf and Hearing community. The festival bridges the gap between Deaf and mainstream films in promoting diversity in communication and culture. We currently have no professional Deaf and Hard of Hearing film-makers here and we want to change this.

Our first Irish Deaf Film Festival was on the 12th-14th October 2012 at the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin and recently hosted the second Irish Deaf Film Festival in October 2014.


Irish Deaf Society: 


The first film festival in 2012 celebrated Irish Deaf Society’s 30th Anniversary.  Upon the success of the film festival, Shamrock Deaf Films continued running film festivals up to date.

The IDS is the largest Deaf-led organisation in Ireland and its main objectives include promoting the status of Irish Sign Language, advancing public knowledge concerning the rights of Deaf people and empowering the Deaf community to participate in positive action. The Irish Deaf Society also runs an advocacy service, ISL classes and nationwide Deaf Adult Literacy classes including English and Computers. You can check our website at: www.deaf.ie