Meet the team

Tommy Nolan:

Role : Co-Chair & Marketing/Technician

Favourite films : The Wages of Fear and 8½.

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Laura Mc Skane

Role : Committee member.

Favourite films : Movies from the 80s and The lord of the Rings.

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Geraldine Fitzgerald:

Role : Fundraising & networking

Favourite films :

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Jane O’Brien:

Role : Events organiser & networking

Favourite films : Frida, Babel & Sin City

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Joanne Chester:

Role : Committee Member

Favourite films : SAW series, Halloween series, Harry Potter.

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Former volunteers:

Susan Whelan, Michelle Goodwin, Dominic McGreal, Sarah Corr, Lianne Murphy and more..


New staff:

The committee is always open to welcome people to join Shamrock Deaf Films committee to help the organisation grow and support Irish Deaf filmmakers. There are exciting projects ahead and various roles in the committee from looking after the administration to event planning and of course, the big film festivals!